Pillar Values:

1. God is in a good mood.

2. Jesus’ victory is complete. The cross and resurrection of Jesus accomplished more than we can ever imagine.

3. Nothing is impossible with God.

4. You are important.


Reformational Revival Culture:

1.  We value His presence as our first and foremost priority to encounter His glory and person

2.  We value the fullness of salvation: saved, healed, delivered and whole, while living in and demonstrating Jesus’ righteousness.

3.  God is good and in a good mood all the time.

4.  We are a family first and an organization second. We build teams and cohorts for everything.

5.  We revel in joy and bring glistening hope to every encounter and situation.

6.  The culture of honor allows us to celebrate people and cultures for who they are and how God sees them without stumbling over who they are not.

7.  Risks, experimenting in the kingdom, and celebrating attempts are a vital and welcomed part of our culture.

8.  We are a prophetic people living future forward and releasing the gold in others.

9.  We are a people under amazing favor and grace and seek to empower others out of that.

10. Living under an open heaven, we release the supernatural through the kingdom of God in encounters with everyone we meet.

11. Generosity is a hallmark of our soul prosperity demonstrating our life of abundance in God.

12. We love the word of God and daily seek revelation from its pages.

An open letter to you a fellow seeker

from Doug Burroughs, cultural architect of Fusion Ministries International:
Since you are here that tells us that you are a seeker of God looking for something more in your life.

That something more is a grace based, grace filled encounter with Jesus and His kingdom.

We have a dream here at fusion. It is a dream of God’s love filling every home, every business, every corridor, every school and every street in Greeley and the Front Range. That love will break off the spirit of abandonment in the hearts of people, bring prosperity of the soul and of our physical resources, and will unleash a powerful supply of God’s goodness and grace that the earliest charter members of the Union Colony couldn’t even imagine in their wildest dreams.

Think of it with me. Can you imagine businesses flourishing because they are filled with solution, supply oriented people who are creative, invested and see their work as worship and service to God and their fellow citizens? Can you imagine a place where technology and resources are renewed and renewable, invented and released because people believed that God had solutions to every need? Can you imagine government that actually served people and made it possible for them to prosper in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? What about healthy families, non-religious communities of faith that are gathered around the person of Jesus and His dynamic life rather than rules and regulations? Can you imagine a media and arts enriched, saturated community where works of art, music, dance and drama as well as published works lift the hearts, aspirations and dreams of people while deepening their faith in the goodness of our God? Can you see people boldly praying with others in an endless flow of God’s supply of health, wisdom and blessing on every street corner, shop and bistro?
We dream of this daily… and the truth is we are seeing this becoming reality everyday. As we have our minds renewed and begin to focus on what God is doing in our midst, we see new possibilities unleashed in our area.
Janice and I invite you to join us as a dreamers who will walk and live out your dreams!

“and seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away, and pray to the Lord for it: for in its peace you will have peace…”  Jeremiah 29:7

We welcome you!

Doug Burroughs

Doug and Janice Burroughs are the founders, cultural architects and leaders of Fusion Ministries International, a church, ministry, school, media publisher and consulting organization.


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