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"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, 

as the waters cover the sea."

Habakkuk 2:14

On earth, as it is in heaven. Simple. To the point. It is our mission in life: to love our communities, cities, countries and the world to see His kingdom come and will be done until the earth looks like heaven! Fusion Ministries International was begun with that dream in our hearts. This dream is shaped by our values, our priorities, practices and then how we intersect and engage with our world. 

Pastoral Team

These are those helping to shape and release life in our Fusion family.

Doug & Janice Burroughs 
Senior Leaders | Founders
Peary & Nancee Schroeder
Pastoral Life | Transformation

A Quick Word About the Corona Virus

Fusion is complying with the Presidential directive and Weld County's health order to limit gatherings to 10 people or less. In order to do so, we will be "gathering" online for Sunday's until April 8th. To join us, make sure you "like" FusionGreeley's page on Facebook and click here to join in.

Teaching Team:

Trusted leaders and lovers of truth from the Bible that is discovered, encountered and applied, the teaching team provides the Biblical foundation for the Fusion family weekly in addition to key guests that speak into our life together. To download teachings, go to the Teachings for Transformation page.

Doug Burroughs

Doug Burroughs is the founder,  Senior Leader and Cultural Architect of Fusion Ministries International. He is a member of the Bethel Leader's Network, as well as having been a church planter, pastor, worship leader, leader of a publications division of a major denomination, missionary, and songwriter. He received his BA from Life Pacific University majoring in Bible, minoring in mission and is E.T.T.A. certified. 


He is married to his college sweetheart, Janice (36 years plus!) and is the father to seven children, and has nine grandchildren - it is never boring!


He loves music - playing, singing, writing and especially worshiping. having written dozens of worship songs, he has also developed, trained, and released many worship leaders in the body of Christ as well as pastors and missionaries.


He brings a wealth of teaching experience and depth of knowledge of the scriptures, practical life, and the original languages. His goal in instruction is love and to ignite a passionate encounter with Jesus through the word


He has pursued revival since he was young and has been a part of the Jesus People movement, the Vineyard in Anaheim, the Toronto Blessing, Pensacola Outpouring and the current move of God at Fusion. 


His new consulting site, Leadlife.com is set to launch this fall.

Saundra Dunn

I’m a personal coach, speaker, and freedom lover! My life consistently comes back to being Free, Fearless, and Full of Faith. I have not “arrived” in all these areas but these are part of my core values.


Through my experiences of travel, tremendous loss, depths of relationship almost indescribable, I’ve come in contact with all kinds of emotion, ups and downs, and face to face with JOY and FEAR.


I love journaling, art, music, productions, teaching annnddd... Water!... in pretty much any form: Ocean, Lake, River.


I am married, have two amazing grown children, two beautiful children-in-love, and one granddaughter. Without my family – only God Himself knows what kind of crazy I would be.


Finally, all these loves come down to my heart for my Father. Now then, as for you… I’m passionate about you. I love people and I deeply, truly, want to help people do life WELL! How are you doing in this LIFE thing? I hope your journey is going great and if it isn’t, I hope you find hope and help and truth here. 

Janice Burroughs

Janice Burroughs has been a church planter, women's leader, retreat speaker and organizer, worship leader and toured with some amazing acts in Christian music. 


She is married to her college sweetheart, Doug, and has seven children and nine grandchildren. 


Her father, a baker in the Netherlands, who survived a Nazi concentration camp and captivity, taught her to bake at an early age. She has developed keto, paleo, and gluten-free baked goods. She loves to decorate her home, and create a "gezellig" environment for her family and grandchildren. (Gezellig is a word in Dutch meaning welcoming, peaceful and beautiful)

Her teaching style is engaging and finds simplicity on the far side of complexity. She brings and develops the heart of the Father in her teaching and leadership. She attended Life Pacific University.


She is currently the Vice President, and member of the Board of Directors, as well as co-pastor, Family Leader (elder) and member of the teaching team. 

Pietze Duffield

Pietze Duffield is a powerful and engaging teacher at Fusion. She and her husband Jonny lead a small group for young marrieds and have two children.


Pietze has been an associate and youth pastor, led women's groups and taught in training institutes and classes.


Her very successful life coaching and consulting practice helps people thrive in the space and place they are in. Here is an excerpt from her website:


"My name is Pietze. My life so far has been quite the journey. I’ve made some big mistakes, but I’ve also learned a lot along the way. My biggest breakthroughs in life came on the heels of having my life fall apart and contemplating leaving my husband. I realized in that dark space, that although many circumstances of my life were out of control, the way I was thinking, and in turn experiencing life, was completely within my control.

This spurred a 10-year journey of growing in emotional health, breaking agreement with a victim mentality, and living the life God has always intended for me. 


My passion is to help others do the same. When speaking to large groups or consulting one-on-one, my heart is to see people set free and live the abundant life God has for them. "


She is a frequent guest on the podcast, "The Connected Life with Justin and Abi Stumvoll".


You can learn more about Pietze at her website www.pietze.com or by following her on Instagram (pietzeduffield). 

Seth Dunn

Seth began serving God through missions at the age of 15 while experiencing a short-term mission trip as a team member. Being a part of sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ with people in another country impacted his life deeply, setting the course for his career and calling: to provide others with this same opportunity.


In the years that have followed, Seth has led 55 short-term mission teams to 24 different countries, giving hundreds of people the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving others.


Seth aims to teach everyone on the teams that he leads to share the gospel, bring humanitarian aid, and invest their time, talents, energy, and hard work into the lives and ministries of full-time missionaries living abroad.

He also is a visionary, encourager, teacher and example to the staff at In Motion Ministries. Seth is a graduate of Rhema Bible College, earned a B.A. degree from Impact International School of Ministry and is an ordained minister. 


He is married to Saundra and has two children and one beautiful granddaughter.

For more information about InMotion Ministries, go here.



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