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Fusion's Culture: A Unique Family

Many who come and experience our Fusion family observe this or ask about it: “What is it about Fusion that is so different?”

That question is at once simple and more difficult to answer. We love the entire body of Christ, everyone who names His name, whether they meet in homes, churches, schools or are in a season of solitude...His bride is beautiful!

At Fusion we have been mandated from the Lord to steward healthy, kingdom family in our expression of life - (Shout outs to Fred and Pat Bruner, Leif and Jennifer Hetland, Bethel Redding and so many there!). It is in the culture that we are different. We do many things others do and bless them doing their assignment, yet for us, we have a deep appreciation for our “alignment in our assignment”. Above are some of our values that we express. Below are phrases that emanate from our culture, something you experience and encounter, rather than read and understand.

“Let’s engage God with everything within us...”

“Just lean into the Father and His heart...”

“We are like little league, everyone gets to play...”

“We are not a quality control culture, but a spiritual “R & D” (research and development) culture.”

“The meat is in the street. The Bible is for knowing and doing. It should lead to encounters with Jesus and not just pages of notes.”

“Truth must be applied to be of value in our lives.”

“You are powerful. What you believe changes the world.”

“You set the course of your history through your declarations.”

“Testimonies are promises and prophecies which you have experienced. Promises and prophecies are testimonies you have yet to experience.”

“Testimonies can be leveraged into our prophetic futures.”

“Israel camped around the Presence of God. Our highest call is at His feet in His presence.”

“Release testimonies to shift atmospheres.”

“Prayer and warfare are from the third heaven down releasing solutions and resource and not from the first heaven up begging for what we already have access to.”

“We live from love, not for love. We live from acceptance, not for acceptance. We live from identity, not for identity.”

“Life in the kingdom is easier than we were taught, even in trials, tribulations and persecutions.”

“Testing come to identify where God has already done His work and exposes the place of His next miracle...”

“Don’t focus on what God is “not doing” (since He is always at work in us), focus on what He’s done and is doing.”

“Faith is activated through love. Love is the ground in which faith and hope rise.”

“Excellence is defined as bringing your best in that moment in love to others and to God. Excellence is not perfection.”

“Appreciate things in plurality of what is good. Meditate on them. Choose one thing at a time to focus on for growth.”

“Encouragement is a first cousin to prophecy.”

“We won't disengage from worship until we have touched the Father’s heart and ministered to Him...”

I literally could go on, but it would be easier if you experienced it. Oh, and just know our times with God are longer than your average experience. It’s not because we don’t know how to get to the point, but we worship and engage God as THE POINT. We always start with the point and go forward from there, taking our time to touch the Father’s heart. After that we minister to one another, hear the Word of the Lord in formal and non-formal ways and prepare for the week of engagement through rest. That just can’t happen in an hour.

If God is the most important relationship and person in the known and unknown universe, then doesn’t it make sense to invest our most precious commodity, time, in encountering Him and loving the people He loves in our family?

We know that we are not for everyone, we know that, and yet we are not exclusive. It is just that we honor Jesus as the Lord of His Church and He calls people to where He desires, not us. We feel that we are to be Holy Spirit sensitive and give explanation where needed for those who have never experienced a culture like ours. We do not feel that we are to modify our life and worship when guests come anymore than we would change the culture and practices of our homes when a guest arrives. We would rather explain and give context to them about who we are, rather than alter who we are when they are there and then change back to our family culture when they are not there. Hospitality is making room for those who come among us and honoring them, but not changing who we are.

We know there is a difference between a gathering our “family room” (the place where we gather on the weekend) and the marketplace. In the marketplace we behave with kingdom fearlessness in love, wisdom and grace. When invited we demonstrate the kingdom overtly. When we serve in our positions and roles, we release the atmosphere and culture of the kingdom through prayer, behavior and lifestyle. The is a wise shrewdness that we employ in our marketplace relationships.

When all of us love and appreciate one another, each running in our unique lanes in the assignment of the race He has all called us to run, then we will see power unleashed in waves of glory, salvation and wholeness, delivering a world to the arms and heart of the Father who started it all.

I trust this has helped you understand us a little better, a maybe even intrigued you to try a little different culture where you are. As always you are welcome here when you are in Northern Colorado.

Blessings - Doug Burroughs, Senior Leader - Fusion Ministries International

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