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And Suddenly...


That was my bright response to people pointing towards the stage last Sunday morning. We had just reentered into worship and the Lord’s presence was spectacular! I had felt led to come back to worship, just as I had felt led to give an altar call earlier in the service, before communion. “Salvation” was all I heard in my mind. Three people responded to Jesus and it was glorious. Just before this finger pointing, I had said, “Anyone who wants healing, stand to your feet!” People were praying all over the building. Then I felt like there were words of knowledge, with various ailments being called out. Then I saw someone touch their jaw and I heard the abbreviation “TMJ”. I dismissed it as a natural connection my brain made, because the next person I looked at, I knew had “TMJ”. I was ready to move on and in my head (thoughts), I heard like shouting, “TMJ!!!” and I saw the letters. This caught my attention. I don’t visualize words when I spell, I either know them or I don’t. Seeing the letters “TMJ” pushed me past my reticence, although, not that far past. 

I then said, “God is healing TMJ.” 

I saw no real responses, but I felt that I should release testimonies. I invited my daughter, Pietze and her delightful friends, Issac and Brittany to come and share about how the Holy Spirit had been moving in their Saturday prayer meetings. After that, I said, “Any other testimonies?” It was then the finger pointing started.

I was focused facing our church family and hadn’t even thought about the musicians on stage. I turned around and saw one of our singers, Lauren with a glow on her that, to be honest, I couldn’t tell was natural or supernatural. I held there mic up to her and asked, “What happened to you?”

She shared how she had been struggling with TMJ for many months and it bothered her eating and singing. She stated that when the word of knowledge was given, which I struggled with it being legitimate, instantly her jaw popped and she had freedom of movement!

I was gob-smacked. I never disbelieve that God will move. In fact, to the contrary, I am shocked when healings do not happen. But, the tenderness and kindness of God was so evident, so real with prima facia evidence that I was overwhelmed. I cried and laughed. A normal response for me to His unending goodness. 

Several days later, I was talking with a couple across the US on a FaceTime call and told the testimony. As I did, the wife said, “My jaw is moving!” Jesus was at it again!

What is happening?

We are experiencing an “And Suddenly”. 

I have seen two distinct revivals in my lifetime: the Jesus people movement of the late sixties and early seventies and the Father’s Blessing from Toronto that we are all a part of. This looks the same. People’s hearts are being set on fire, there is an insatiable love for Jesus, there is a desire to get together and seek Him, salvations, healings, and most of all, His sweet, beautiful fellowship and presence. It hit us in the midst of “our worst season”. God doesn’t care. It just allows Him to move spectacularly. He is on the move and I want us to steward that movement of His Spirit with the attention it deserves. How do we do that?

  1. Stay away from sin by drawing near to God. Remember, God is only working on His righteousness in you. Your sin was taken by Jesus!

  2. Don’t get distracted. Stay focused on Him. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, but invite Him into your fun!

  3. As the Holy Spirit increases His influence in and around us, stay in the word of God even more. Let Him teach you. We are both a church of word and Spirit. 

  4. Start a prayer meeting. Call for His presence and manifestation in your meeting. Especially during these times of social distancing, having a meeting in your home or apartment is ideal. 

  5. Come ready to worship and give everything to Him. 

  6. Say yes to whatever He asks

  7. Make worship and thanksgiving your default. Rising, waking, working, resting, and sleeping. Let worship always flow. 

So how can I end this?



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