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It's Here! Generosity Sunday, November 12, 2023

"I have praying for a pair of dress shoes for almost four months!", my college friend exclaimed to me. I could barely hear him above the din of over two hundred students in various stages of joy and delight as they discovered things they had been praying for on the tables in the gym and the equal, or even greater joy of those who had set aside items they felt the Holy Spirit had asked them to give.

This scene left an indelible impression on my young twenty something heart.

What could have been chaos and some even thought greed, as "free stuff" was everywhere, instead found people deferring to one another, embracing in joy and laughter, and even wiping away a few tears of deep happiness.

This is the backdrop of Generosity Sunday.

You see, I had a desire to let people express generosity and love to one another. From my experience and this desire, Generosity Sunday was conceived!

What is Generosity Sunday - This Sunday, November 12, 2023What it is: Generosity Sunday is an opportunity to express your heart felt love through giving and receiving from one another.

How It Works:

For now until THIS Sunday, November 12, 2023, we will pray, asking the Lord what we should receive and what we should give.

Each family/person should set aside the gifts they want to give and then bring it to the Gallery before service on Generosity Sunday.

The generosity tables will be set up in the Gallery and Generosity Team will be there to assist. Each person will be given an index card for each of the items they are donating. They will write on their card a point of contact (name and email or text). This is so the person receiving the gift can contact them to say thank you.

The gifts will be spread out on tables around the room. After service, I will explain the day to the people and how to proceed. The, I will release the family to prayerfully and joyfully move into the Gallery to receive what they have been praying for! People will take the cards with the items and be encouraged to seek out the "giver" and say thanks through an email, text, or face to face encounter.

What Happens if there are more than one of us that desire a certain item?

We are brothers and sisters that prefer one another over ourselves. I fully anticipate when this happens, and it more than likely will, that one or more of the parties will defer to who they feel the Holy Spirit wants to have this, thereby become givers as well and sharing in that joy!

What Will Happen at the end?

At the very end, we will centrally gather and collectively thank the Lord for the gifts, the experience and His presence!

What if there are items left over?

Each person who brought something is responsible for the items they bring to collect them and do what they want with them.

Here are some ideas if you have things left over...

  • Give it to some of the less fortunate around you outside the church.

  • Bless the homeless if it is practical.

  • Give the items to a charity.

  • You could even sell them, put them back in your home, keep the money or give it away - they are yours!

PS - You could also be a blessing by bringing non-perishable food items and personal hygiene products to the Gallery for our food bank!


Don't forget next week, when we collect the gift boxes and money for Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box drive! We will be celebrating generously all month long!

Well, I for oner am anticipating an amazing time and I hope you are anticipating and planning for that as well! Let's celebrate the kingdom through generosity this day!


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