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Prophetic Art Transformation

Creating Connection to God and healing through the arts

 Painting by Leslie Vaughan

Prophetic and Worship Arts Classes and Opportunities


Prophetic Art 101: Connecting with God         

3 Classes - Various Times Throughout the Year

Roberta Powell, Leader with Saundra Dunn 


Class Synopsis: Learn how to connect with the loving God and Father you never knew you had through expressions of art. Through the three classes, you will be surrounded in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to take risks through art and see how the Holy Spirit uses it to connect and heal your heart. No prior knowledge or experience with art is required. 


Cost: $25.00 (covers all three classes) Note: if you have your own materials (paint, canvases, paintbrushes, etc.) the class is no cost. We ask that when you register you let us know this is the case.


More info:


Prophetic Art 102: Creating with God, a texture class       

2 Classes held throughout the year


Class Synopsis: Textures and “3-D” effects take art to another place in which you can learn how to partner and create with God. These two fun classes add an artist’s vocabulary and skill to your times of expression with the Lord. 


Cost: $25.00 for two classes - all materials provided

Pre-requisite: PA 101


More Info:



Inner Healing Through Art 

By appointment only


Synopsis: In each of our lives there are points of influence and pain through which we have begun to believe something less than what God believes about us. It is at that intersection of life and pain where God uses pain to help free us and deliver us into truth. More to come on this in 2019.


For more information, email



Worship & Prophetic Art Expressions                    

(Invitation only)


Each month there are many occasions where prophetic art is used as an additional worship expression, including Sundays,  Monthly Encounter Services, and Special Events like Vanguard and On Earth as it is in Heaven Conferences. We use two venues - easel art for the general congregation and prophetic art card tables where your words are expressed through illustrations and given directly to people during our monthly encounter services. 


Pre-requisite: PA101 and personal interview by Roberta Powell


For more information:

Roberta Powell

Roberta Powell is the leader of both the Transformation Ministry and the prophetic and worship art. She is passionate about seeing what God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus is revealing to you and creating that picture on canvas.  She is a prayer warrior, seeker of His presence, flows in both the prophetic and giving encouraging words. She loves to see people walking in their healing and break through! 

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