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Who We Are

On Earth, as it is in Heaven

Simple. To the point. It is our mission in life: to love our communities, cities, countries and the world to see His kingdom come and will be done until the earth looks like heaven!

Fusion Ministries International was begun with that dream in our hearts. This dream is shaped by our values,

our priorities, practices and then how we intersect and engage with our world. 


What are values?

Values are those unseen things that make a family and a church unique.

They are held as a group and shape how we do what we do.

Fusion's four Pillar Values:

1. God is in a good mood. His joy is eternal and endless and regardless of what we may encounter or happens, He can empathize, identify and comfort us without losing His good mood over us.

2. The cross has accomplished more than we know. Jesus' death burial and resurrection accomplished everything necessary to the fullness of salvation. We are invited into the greatest exchange in history: His life for mine, His righteousness for my sin, His history with God for mine. We have been moved from enemies to sons and daughters!

3. Nothing is impossible with God. He has never met a hopeless situation. When He enters a situation, He is the game changer. No sickness, disease, financial, governmental, business, social, societal or family situation is beyond His ability to change it.

4. I am significant. We weren't saved to live a dual lifestyle. Jesus exchanged His righteousness for our sin - we were redeemed with the greatest, most valuable payment in the universe, the blood of the sinless Son of God. The price paid determines the value of the object.

Fusion's priorities:

Encounter God

Sunday Services


Encounter Nights

Become Kingdom Family

Small Groups


Community Events

and Train




Send our best into the world


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