Being a new church, Fusion has many dynamic ways to connect and experieince revival culture. Below are some of the ways you can find your tribe and bless others as you grow in learning how to live life!

Fusion Kid's Ministry

"Let the children come to Me" were Jesus' words that guide us still today. At Fusion Kids, your child is taught about a really big God who loves them and is good, who has done everything to have a relationship with them, where nothing is impossible and they are important. Fusion Kids are released to class after worship. 

Lambs for the Lamb:
Nursery Care

Join our Nursery team to care for the little ones! Email: Nancee Schroeder at nancee.fusiongreeley@gmail.com

Happy Children
Transformation Ministry

These are people who are called to help other move into the full expression of who God has made them to be! Led by Roberta Powell, who has trained and is certified by Bethel Sozo ministries, there is training and equipping to help in this ministry.

Oil Painting Workshop
Prophetic & Worship Arts:
Creating Connection to God and Healing through the Arts

Lori Watson - Leader of the Prophetic and Worship Arts


Lori began exploring art as a young mother over thirty years ago and has worked in landscapes, abstracts and more, using oils, acrylics and other mediums of art.


She is passionate about getting people connected to God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and loves the arts. She is a kingdom family evangelist, praying for and leading people to Jesus in doctor’s offices, restaurants and at stores. You can reach Lori at lori.fusiongreeley@gmail.com


Roberta Powell - leader of Children’s Prophetic art classes and assisting in Prophetic Art 101: Connecting with God. Roberta also is a part of the Transformation Ministry of Fusion.