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Evicting Discouragement

This morning I woke up with an unfamiliar feeling in my chest… it was light, airy and almost alarming because it felt so foreign. As I sat still and observed my emotions and thoughts, I realized the unfamiliar feeling was an energetic sort of joy and hope budding in my heart. Not to say I haven’t felt any sort of hope and joy in the past season, but it’s been heavy sort of year for everyone, so I’m sure you can relate. Choosing to hold onto hope has been a daily battle for so many, and one that we don’t always win easily. As I observed this new sensation, I began to realize that this was more than a fleeting emotion, but rather the start of a new chapter- a season of moving away from discouragement and into boldness and victory once again. I believe God is saying that it’s time to shake off our grave clothes and move forward with the tenacity that can only come from an unshakable trust in our good Father. (No matter what it looks like!) I for one am ready to let go of any shame and hesitation that would keep me from a passionate, even undignified, response to God’s promises for our time. So, if we agree it’s time to move forward, then get up, get up, get up- shake off despair and take ahold of a victorious shout! This song might help you get started: Still have some residual discouragement hanging around? Here are a few more suggestions: 1. You were created and designed to thrive boldly in your calling! If disappointment is holding you back, resolve that you’ll take it to the Lord and allow Him to heal your wounds of sorrow. Remember, disappointment will become a self-fulfilling prophecy if we let it, so run- don’t walk- to the altar with your pain and let Him heal you again. 2. After you’ve given up any lasting shreds of dismay and shaken off the weight of the world, take some intentional time to get God’s vision and what He has for you to do in this season. I promise you that He has all sorts of ideas! Even if you’re not sure about what the whole plan is, let Him guide you to the next step. 3. Take practical and real action! Set some goals, clear out the clutter, change your routine; whatever it takes to finish throwing out every last residual bit of heaviness, do it. Our Father offers freedom for your chains, a crown for your head, praise for you heaviness, beauty for your ashes- so what are we waiting for? Let’s make the trade! 4. Nothing changes our perspective faster than worship does. Turn your focus towards God and make a sacrifice of praise, and before long it won’t be a sacrifice any longer as the winds of joy fill your sails and get you moving forward again. This is what happens when we behold the One who holds our hope. I declare peace and unending joy for you this week as you evict discouragement from your life and hold onto the hope of victory in Christ. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13


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