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The Restart

Revelation 21:5 (NKJV)
Then He who sat on the throne said, "Behold, I make all things new." And He said to me, "Write, for these words are true and faithful."

Recently, I had a very interesting experience with my heart. I had a procedure done at the hospital that took minutes, but its effect is long lasting. Upon arrival, nurses and assistants came in and hooked me up to monitors, and then they took a picture from the inside of my body of the backside of my heart. After they ascertained that everything was good, they went ahead and shot a jolt of electricity from one electrode attached to a pad in the front of my chest to another connected to my back. That was it. a jolt of electricity reset my heart to where now I can do things I couldn't do for the last year. I mean, one small jolt and I am renewed. It was, and is, nothing short of a miracle.

Have you ever thought that our lives are like my heart? Just like many of us in our spiritual lives, my condition was caused by several things that took place that put my heart out of rhythm. I jokingly said that the top part of my heart was playing, swing jazz in 6/8 time, and in the bottom part of my half of my heart was the backbeat of a "four on the floor" rock beat. Life can wear at us, getting us out of rhythm with God and His ancient ways. Life comes at us fast, so we need to learn how to get to places where we can get a restart.

Right now in the church at large, there is a grand restart taking place. The Holy Spirit has manifested in Asbury University, Lee University, and many other colleges. Many churches are saying that they too have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. We see God, moving on the streets of Washington DC, New York, and even in California we now hear the mayor of New York say that he cannot be separated from his faith in God. We are hearing of stars coming to Jesus, whether they are rock stars, or their movie stars, each are expressing a faith in Christ. Even Jim Carrey was recently recorded saying that he looked to Jesus to help him in his season of life. The signs of revival and awakening are among us.

Recently, I heard of a denomination who had not moved in the power of the Holy Spirit, becoming open through a miraculous "serendipity" and inviting a minister, who in this particular group, was formerly regarded as someone to be avoided. Well, God can't be contained, and the Holy Spirit moved powerfully amongst this people and the leadership of the church bringing healings, powerful infillings and signs and wonders. (Update: 3/23/23 - I just heard of another set of states in this denomination opening to the move of the Holy Spirit - God is at work!)

In fact, all around the world, God is moving powerfully. Between the thousands coming to Christ and are ran through the prison system, thousands baptized in Venezuela, to the outpouring of God in South Africa, and other places, all around the globe, God is moving.

Now to be sure, there is a lot of opposition in front of us. Ungodly systems, which have been with us since the fall of mankind and the rebellions of Genesis, are currently at work to undermine what God wants to do. But God. God is at work; He is always at work. We know from the scripture, that "of the increase of His government there will be no end." So, as Psalm 2 says, the nations rage against God, but He who sits in the heavens, laughs. What I'm trying to communicate here is not to be caught up with the opposition. Only notice it long enough to take aim and pray. The things that are happening in the world are sent there by the enemy to distract us, pull us away from our mission, and make us full of anxiety and fear. But God comes and uses it for His good, so that people will begin to call upon the name of the Lord.

You might say, "too much has happened", that you've done too many things, and the Lord could not possibly use you in the season. Look again at the scripture that I wrote at the beginning of this article. Notice that it says, "I make all things new", not, "I make all new things". You are just one touch away from Holy Spirit which will restart your heart so that you can feel His power, be reacquainted with His purpose in you, and begin to fulfill what you were created to do.

So, Sunday's coming. A bunch of us are gathering to become restarted once again to move with His power, and His goodness. Won't you join us?




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