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Finishing a Year Well

In a word, we could call 2020 a year that was "unexpected". This year has definitely shaken us down to our foundations and brought new levels of awareness to our everyday moments. Everything we look at around us has likely changed in some way. I've been thinking about what it looks like to finish well on a year that brought all of us face to face with uncertainty, resilience and transformation. Regardless of our ups and downs, His love has been constant through each day and that is the reason for our hope unceasing. The worship song "You are Good" has resurfaced with conviction in my heart these past few weeks. I'd recommend clicking on this hopeful anthem if you need an infusion of hope this season: You Are Good - Steffany Gretzinger Additionally, we go into the holidays this week, a time that is normally busier than any other may look a little different this year. We take things slower at home while the calendar hanging on the fridge is looking a little emptier than normal. Instead of being disappointed with this feeling of openness

around what would normally be a time full of office parties and social gatherings, what if we took advantage of the unprecedented quiet to look within and spend time talking to God about how this year has been? We can take these moments to get honest, to get real, to dig deep, and to get in touch with His perspective and His constant hope. Let's remember: He wasn't surprised by 2020, no matter how much we were taken aback. He wasn't thrown into a panic and He isn't fearful about the future. As we draw our chapter to a close and take time to get in touch with His perspective, let's ask Him for a word as we move forward. If 2020 was full of words like "Let go", "Trust", "Slow Down" and "Rest", maybe 2021 is going to be about "Replace", "Refuel", "Reclaim", "Rebuild" or "Reset". Not feeling it on of any of these "R" words? How about hanging onto words like "Joy", "Victory", "Goodness" or "New Life". Whatever your word is, dig deep into the richness of hope God has available for you during these unusual holidays and don't let the days go by without seizing the opportunity to close this year with gratefulness and intentionality. We're almost into a new beginning, and there will be beauty and new life. Ask God what He will do and how you can have a part in it; we are indeed a family and each person has a part to play in the greater picture. From all of the team here at Fusion, have a beautiful holiday week. We look forward to a launching into a new year spent chasing the sound of heaven and showing God's goodness to all the earth. Merry Christmas all!


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