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Foundational Bible on the subject of Vision

Proverbs 29:18 - Where there is no vision the people are unrestrained. (NASB)

Habakkuk 2:2 - The LORD answered and said, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; It hastens towards the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay.” (NKJV)

No vision, know pain....

When I was younger and my wife and I lived in our first home, she was a notorious furniture mover. One night I went to bed early and she stayed up a bit and moved the furniture in the house. I got up to get a drink of water and fell over the newly moved coffee table. The problem? My vision needed to be renewed and updated because, well, things had changed!

It is important to renew a vision. Without a clear vision you are immobile, never able to choose the good from the average and more importantly the best from the good. Without vision, your life moves from a powerful stream into a swamp with no boundaries. In that state, you will say yes to anything. You may climb the ladder of success, but when you get to the top you will discover the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall!

What Vision Does for you...

Vision will help you see what you could not see, hear what you could not hear, do things you normally wouldn’t do, hear things you normally wouldn’t hear; With vision, you can climb any mountain, overcome any obstacle and endure any hardship. Vision carries you with the strength that you did not know you possessed. It is vision that is the fruit of when you find yourself possessed by a promise, ready and willing to move forward in all God has designed.

My Confession

A few weeks ago, I confessed that I had been a poor leader and asked for the Fusion family's forgiveness and blessing towards re-engaging in that task and privilege. At stake was how we had read a prophetic word given to the Fusion family at large. Just for clarity's sake, here is the word, which was written previously, read to our church and then given to me:

"Build a bridge of My word and Spirit, across which the broken, disappointed and outcasts of society shall cross and discover My grace, mercy, life, and purpose. A bridge over which many hundreds shall cross to a building that I will provide, where they will eat of My word, be washed by My Spirit, and live in the overflow of My expression of love, healing their minds, their souls and their bodies by My word and Spirit. Send out the call and the wounded of society will come to Me says the Lord." 

Addendum given after the written word: Will stated that the building would be move-in ready except for cosmetic issues, we would not have to build it out. 

He then hesitated and said the Lord would give us 500 people a year from now. 

The problem I had was this, I focused on the part that was God's to do ( a building and five hundred people) and overlooked in my planning the part that was ours (Build a bridge of word and Spirit).

In light of this, I am now teaching through a series entitled: "What the Holy Spirit Is Saying to the Church". The first week was the confession and subsequent ministry that happened in the church (including a spontaneous public confession time on Sunday morning). Last week I spoke on us being a church that holds the Word and Spirit in prophetic Divine tension, not pitted against one another but aligned to create movement. It is important that we recapture the spirit of this prophetic word so we can go forward with what God wants to do! This week, I will be speaking on the heart of worship. We are a Fusion people are to naturally live out our hearts before God in joyful, lively, prophetic worship that is rooted in our deep intimacy with Him. Each Sunday we gather, we are crafting a love letter to the Lord, full of joy and exuberance and the tender whispers of love and intimacy between the most intimate of relationships. All of it is our gift to the Father's heart.

If you haven't noticed the headlines, God is on the move. From Kanye's much-publicized conversion to people getting weary of blatant brokenness and sin being paraded as the tolerant normal, families, individuals, children and friends are left broken on the altar of cultural conviction that has nothing to do with the kingdom and the way of life. God has pre-positioned us to do our part in this culture - to reach the outcast and the "in crowd" who are on the "outs" with God. To bring the kingdom of God to places where no one thought it could thrive. We are called to see a revolution of hope, a "chaordic" disruption of culture that ushers in the beauty and wonder of the kingdom of God. Our desire is to see hope, life, and innocence restored to people, families and communities.

Our Message

Our message is the same as Jesus: the kingdom of God has come, why not change your mind and believe the good news? As we go forward with this, God will back our declaration in the kingdom with signs, wonders, and miracles in the natural realm, healing, science, business, economics, art, families, media, government and more. Let's align with Him!

I have never been more excited about our collective future and how God has placed us and is placing us together with Him for this region. We are not the only voice, but the work of God would be less without our voice in the mix.

REnew with me a calling to what God is doing! Come back here later to see the vision of Fusion written out - We want you to be able to taste it and sense it pulsating with life.

I love you all!

Pastor Doug

PS - Don't forget our special "One Fusion Family Gathering" on November 24th, where we have one combined service and celebrate the goodness of God together as Fusion family!


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