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Time for a Reset

There's often a restructuring that happens as Summer comes to a close. I love a good end-of-the-season checkin, a moment to breathe and take stock. The hot summer days have been full and busy: we've seen old friends, we've travelled, we've enjoyed the air and the sun, we've sat long in the evenings that begged for memories and good conversation. We've laughed and played and filled our schedules to the brim with activities. Often, we can find ourselves throwing organization out the window to embrace flexible spontaneity, because summer just seems to call for last-minute adventure and unexpected fun. There's nothing wrong with any of it, but if you're like me, you can find yourself coming to the last weeks of summer completely exhausted and spent. The feelings can be reminiscent of those days as kids coming inside the house after a long day of playing. All we needed was a good meal, a warm bath and a good night's rest. As adults, can we provide that same care and nourishment for our worn out bodies and souls? I believe we can, but it requires a little time. It can be tempting to rush right into the swing of Fall without stopping to really breathe and have an honest checkin with your inward and outward being. School is starting, the weather is (almost) beginning to cool down, and the calendar is starting to take on more of a predictable shape for the next few months.

So take a deep breath and steady yourself in this new start. Ask yourself how you're doing. Are you settled and at peace? Are you feeling excited, or rather underprepared and scattered? What does the landscape of your heart look like? What transpired this season, what do you still need to process through? Feelings of stress or anxiety could be good indicators that you need to take a moment to structure and re-prioritize.

If journaling is your thing, make a list of what you're grateful for that happened this past season. Write down or reminisce with your spouse and kids over the dinner table, take some time to go over some of the great memories that were made. Spend conversation with the Lord and ask Him what His favorite moments from the past season were, and what He's excited about doing in this next one. This is all part of honoring the most recent chapter of our lives and resetting for the next one so that we can move forward with intentionality. Take a minute to read about what Psalm 1 has to say about those who delight in the way of the Lord: "Their pleasure and passion is remaining true To the Word of "I Am" Meditating each and every moment In the revelation of light. They will be standing firm Like a flourishing tree planted by God's design, Deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss; Bearing fruit in every season of their lives. They are never dry, never failing, Ever Blessed, Ever plentiful." Psalm 1:2-3 (TPT) What an amazing promise! As we live in the light of the Lord, we will be fruitful and full of good things in every season of our lives. As we thank God and reset, looking forward can mean starting something new. What is God calling you to do now? What opportunities is He highlighting? Maybe it's the right time to start a new volunteer position, or take another step into a more challenging position of ownership in ministry or business. You can step forward with confidence knowing that God has good plans in store! It's time to get our hopes up and revel in the goodness God has for us this season. He's doing incredible things in our nation, city and church! Lives are being transformed and people are waking up to His love. And we get to be a part of that! What could be better? If you're feeling stuck and need a jumpstart, keep reading!

1. Prayer walks: the next prayer walk dates are Monday mornings, September 6th and 20th. The group headed up by Lori Watson meets at Fusion at 9am for worship and then roams downtown for prayer and ministry to the city. If you're looking for activation and want to cross some chicken lines to see how God can use your "yes", this is a great opportunity to get activated!

2. Volunteer opportunities: Are you ready to get back into regular serving and connect with a team? There's a place for you on various teams within Fusion, and perfect place to use your gifting and bless the body. There's opportunities in the tech and media team, hospitality team, greeting team and kids/nursery teams, plus more! If you want to get involved, email

3. Coaching and sozo transformation: If you're ready to get into Fall with some processing and inner healing, or need to kickstart towards new growth in any area, there are some great resources available! Make an appointment for a sozo and inner healing session, where you can partner with the Holy Spirit and capable guidance from our transformation department. Email Roberta Powell at to set up an appointment. If you're looking for practical consulting on getting moving on your goals and making progress, we also have several life coaches in our environment, including Saundra Dunn. You can email Saundra at to get more info about her coaching services.

4. Groups: Ready to dig deep into community this season? We have a women's group that meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, and Men's group meets every Tuesday. If you're looking for a community and have experience with being a part of small groups in the past, and are ready to lead a group, we have training resources available and would love to get you started! Have questions? Email for women's group Email for men's group Email for any training or other small group questions.

5. Internships: Open for Fall applications! This opportunity is for anyone 18-30 years old who has basic level ministry experience (such as being a part of a mission trip or volunteering in church or ministry group environments), is interested in serving the church-body and is looking to take their growth as a believer and training in ministry to the next level. We have 6 or 12 month internship opportunities available in the missions department, worship team, tech department, kids ministry, pastoral, and media departments. If you're looking for a hands-on, activational, real-world ministry training and practical learning through reading and training resources, this could be the opportunity for you! You can read more about it on our website at or email Whatever you do this season, do it unto the Lord and revel in His glorious light. I pray you will be blessed in your coming and going and full fo His favor. Never forget that you are treasured and loved!


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