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We Gather Together

Years ago, I remember singing this hymn at thanksgiving:

"We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing..."

Thanksgiving is an amazing season of shared tables, feasts, and prayers of gratitude. In all these equations, there is a gathering, a coming together of the family to celebrate the blessing, the abundance and life of Jesus in our midst.

Fusion is no different. Since we have gone to two services, we have not had the opportunity to host all of our family in one gathering for worship, communion, testimony, celebration, ministry, and the word. Wouldn't you agree with me that having the family together, just like a family dinner is very important, so, with that in mind, the following change has been implemented.

Beginning this month, we are hosting the One FUSION Family Gathering, a monthly meeting where we are encouraging everyone to attend our single gathering on Sunday morning at 10 am and a subsequent gathering on Sunday night at 6 pm.

This month's One FUSION Family Gathering will be November 24th, the Sunday before the Thanksgiving holiday. That day, we will be coming together in a celebration of the goodness of God in our midst, displaying His gifts and giving release to the place of the Holy Spirit and pursuing the Word. Sunday morning will be truly special!

Then on Sunday night at 6 pm, we will have special worship, ministry and time in the word and as a highlight, we will receive an offering for those who are in need. For this offering, I am asking people to set aside funds over and above the tithe, even selling things if needs be, to come prepared for everyone to give something this day as an act of obedience to remember those who have less in this season. Again, this will not be something you want to miss!

For that weekend, there will be no service on Saturday night. Regular services will resume the following weekend.

Then, so you can plan, here is what is ahead for these monthly meetings:

In December, the One FUSION Family Gathering will be December 22nd at 10 am followed by our annual Christmas Candlelight Service at 6:30 pm (please note the special time.) If you have never experienced this gathering, it is filled with laughter and poignancy, honoring Jesus and the Holy Spirit, as well as Father's hear tin making all this possible. There will be carols, scriptures, and more.

Then join us in January in 2020 for the third annual Vanguard Conference featuring our guests, David and Norelle Crabtree. This conference will go from December 17-19. Because of the conference, our entire family is asked to come to Vanguard where we will have services, Friday (6:30 pm); Saturday (9 am, 2 pm, 6 pm) and Sunday, (10 am and 6 pm). For those who are unfamiliar with Vanguard, it is a conference on the prophetic, both of upgrading your life in the prophetic and receiving words from the Lord. Many have said that this weekend is their favorite every year!

In February 2020, the One FUSION Family Gathering will be the 23rd with service again at 10 am and 6 pm.

March will be on the 29th of the month and then Easter Sunday we will have only one service that weekend on Sunday morning at 10 am with no gathering that night.

It is important that as we grow and diversify, we keep our commitment to family in the forefront by prioritizing opportunities to get together. Come and join these times, get acquainted with some people you may not know and reconnect with some you do, but haven't seen in a while. Even as we move forward, we are one family at Fusion, some overseas, some in other states, but still one family! Let's gather together!


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