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Learning To Steward The Testimony


"Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember?" Mark 6:18

When you go through a time, a trial and a season where you cannot rely on your normal means to go through, what will you call on?

Jesus had just introduced a subject about the leaven or influence of Herod and the Pharisees, a political and religious spirit and their effect upon our thinking. Because He used the word "leaven", the disciples thought that He was talking about the fact that they didn't bring bread on this trip. They were worried about bread in front of the one who had multiplied seven loaves to feed four thousand and five loaves and two fishes to feed five thousand and by the way, there were leftovers, baskets full!

When we witness something miraculous and supernatural, what the Bible calls signs (pointing to a greater reality) and wonders (something to stimulate thinking about that greater reality), having experienced it or heard about it, we become a steward of the testimony. The key is, what will be do about it?

Testimonies can shift a group of people's attitudes or an atmosphere in a place instantaneously. They are gateways to that greater reality. Let me share a quick story.

I once spoke in a church where they had seen no real healings take place after prayer. The majority of their prayers were, "Lord, guide the surgeon's hands." When I began to speak, you could sense the lack of real expectancy or what the Bible calls, faith. No one really believed that God would do anything out of the ordinary. These precious people believed like so many here in the West, that God is moving everywhere, but right here. They had slipped into that trap of lowering their expectations so they wouldn't be disappointed.

I silently prayed and asked the Holy Spirit what should I do? I felt a strong impression to tell the testimonies I had collected about God moving around the world and here in the United States. Some of the testimonies were first hand, that I had experienced. Some, were borrowed testimonies from individuals and ministries I trusted. All of them carried the ability to shift the atmosphere.

I began by telling testimonies from the far east and then to Africa, Europe, South America and finally in the United States. By the time I finished this mini display of God's goodness, the room was ready, people believed like little children again that God can do anything and He did, healing many that day.

What's the point? If you have seen something from God, heard about it, or even read it and just remembered it, you can release that testimony and see life shift in front of you. Testimonies will carry you through trials, testings and seasons where you have to see God move or nothing is happening. Steward your testimonies well, they are the key to release heaven on earth!


What testimonies have you seen? What are testimonies you have heard about? What are testimonies you remember? What are some of your favorite Bible stories? These are also testimonies! Write them all down in a place you can access in a journal, computer or on your phone. Take time over the next 30 days to review them daily and add any more you come across. Let others know what happens as you release the testimonies by sharing them with others. If healing is needed, release some testimonies in conversation with the person you are praying for and then pray. Watch what God does, and oh, please let us know!

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