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A Call to Arms

"Sometimes it takes a wake up call, doesn't it, to alert us to the fact that we're hurrying through our lives instead of actually living them, that we're living the fast life instead of the good life..." Carl Honore "...for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”Ephesians 5:14 (ESV)

The Wake Up Call I have been observing our world, nation, state and especially our church family over the last season of COVID and the restrictions that were in place. Watching the world, in general and ourselves in particular, coming into this new season, is like watching someone who took a nap in mid-day and is arising from it. There is a phrase in Frisian, my wife's language, which is used for when people, particularly children, when they are coming awake. That phrase is they need time to "bekumma" (sounds like be-come-ah). Literally, they need time to become in the awake state. Fusion family, I have watched us maneuver through the pandemic and now the early days of opening in our world and we have been in a state of "bekumma". Now, it is becoming time to assess where we are, own the moment, and move forward. Basically, there is, as I stated in a phone call with one of our leaders, "a call to arms". The Delight and Development of Family Let me set the framework for this. When you are received into a family either through birth or adoption, you are celebrated for who you are and delighted in. You don't need to contribute or do anything, and you are celebrated. Believe me, with my new crop of grandchildren and great grandchildren, they are in the beginning, as Graham Cooke puts it, "a wind at one end and a noise at the other", yet, everyone of our family cheers at the slightest change and momentum in each one's life. Even if there were a tragedy, and one of the "grands" stalled in their development, they would still be delighted in because 80% of family life is about delighting in each other! As family members grow and mature, part of the natural way for them to be a part of that celebration of family is contributing, the other 20% as it were. Contribution to the family and its mission of delighting in other family and simultaneously being a blessing, requires development, a maturing, learning new skills, enjoying new mindsets. As the Scriptures themselves teach, we are all called to grow up in capacity, but never to lose child like wonder and awe for God and each other. Now, there have been times when a season, project, or need, requires us to become task oriented. Not everyone in the family can participate at the same level of engagement. In our personal lives, we would rally around family and give time, energy, and resource (financial, emotional, time engagement, etc.) as they needed or a project needed, or the season required, but we never stopped being a family! The level of our delight went to a 20% family delight and 80% development/team mode. We enjoyed being family as we worked, but if a need arose, we would suspend the task and minister to the family member. If you have seen the "little bits" of our grand babies, Micah and Olive, you would understand that they would not be required to carry fence posts, or operate a circular saw if we were building a fence. That would not only be bad parenting, it would be irresponsible. In fact, because of where those babies are at in their development, mom and dad would take turns with others watching and caring for the younger members of the family. But, they would still be delighted in and members of our family simply because they are, they exist. But if I was sloughing off, someone would rightfully say, "Hey Dad, you going to help out anytime soon?" It is a natural expectation for us to carry part of the load and be a contributor to the family, but according to our ability to do so. Moses, one of my other grandsons, though a smaller guy, loves to help, but his attention span is limited, so we as leaders in our family give him smaller bite sized pieces to contribute. His esteem goes through the roof as he attempts things in our family and we celebrate his contribution. We are developed through family teams of work and shared labor in a family mission and delighted in for just being. All of it is celebrated. How Does This Relate to Fusion? As I stated earlier, we have been in a state of "bekumma" for the last season, but the Lord has been issuing a wake up call. Things are happening in our world, that we need to be awakened to. Revival is beginning in small fires of fervor all around the country. In our city, the spiritual atmosphere is beginning to shift. In our Fusion family, we have seen outstanding miracles and sensed a new yearning for God to move in our city, region, nation and world. It's time, family! I had a professor in college that would say, "Strike while the iron is hot!" That is how we move with Jesus, we strike at His call, we stand ready as the metal is heating and then deliver the force transferred into the metal that shapes it for the Master's use. So, with that I am moving in concert with God. July 9th will be a special night of prayer for Fusion. We will worship, for He is our highest priority and value, then, we will use the power of decrees and intercession (to meet with God on behalf of another) to pray for Fusion and its mission. Now, I understand that not everyone can make this, but all can join us in shifting the season to pray. Unity, clarity, mission and purpose, the flow of ideas and people capital to carry out those things, and a new understanding of how we are to move as a family of families in this season, are among the intercession topics and needs. If you can fast into that day, I invite you to do so! Now, as we move forward, there will be new focus on our ability to team up, since this is the primary way that God develops us into our destiny. But not everyone will be able to participate in the same way. Some need a season of pulling out and healing, both emotionally and physically. Some are not there yet as they develop into who Jesus is and has for them. Others are just getting oriented. Some pray and give resource from a distance, especially since we have added an internet presence to our weekend times. All of these are still part of our family, whether they contribute or not! We delight in each person that is a part of the Fusion family because our love is never to be transactional, but always transformational. Simultaneously, Janice and I, along with the leaders of the Fusion family, are lovingly burdened with a desire to see each of you grow into your destiny in the kingdom. We love the prophetic future that God has spoken over you and know of only one general way that God does this: getting involved in the work, the needs, the opportunities to serve others. Being together, serving together and celebrating together are the hallmarks of a fully functioning, healthy, spiritual family. Ideas are being generated. New horizons are opening. Servant opportunities abound. All we need is you. Here are just some areas you could help serve. Some require different levels of training and or skill, but all require a heart of service, which I know you have! Greeting Team - Bethany Harrold - Cleaning Team - Vicki Brawner - Children's Team - Jasmine Notzelman - (Background Check required) Communion prep - Doug Burroughs - Worship Team - Doug Burroughs (Audition and interview required. Skill level is above average, but we will work with lesser skilled vocalists and musicians to help them grow through outside resources.) Media Team - Bethany Harrold (Working knowledge of creating and maintaining social media and graphics needed, or if you can help shoot pictures or video, you are welcome.) Tech Team - Bethany Harrold - Men's Ministry - Steve Earickson Building (Levites) - Doug Burroughs - Food and Hospitality - Vicki Brawner - Meal Trains - Cathy Peters - Nursery - Jasmine Notzelman - Prayer Walks - Lori Watson - Women's Mnistry - Vicki Brawner -

Healing/Prophetic and Prayer teams - Kathy Hendrickson -


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