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Accepted, Secure, Significant

Every Human being needs these three things: Acceptance, Security, and Significance. This was the overlying message of the women’s retreat last weekend. What a tremendous blessing to gather together as sisters, and exhort each other on this journey of discovering and walking out our true identity!

We arrived Friday evening to a warm and cozy fall atmosphere and were invited to choose a crown from a table in the middle of the room. Then, as we sat down to a beautifully dressed table, we coronated each other, reminding one another of our position in Christ - that of a child of the King...therefore, princesses worthy of crowns. Psalm 103:4 “You are crowned with love and mercy.” 

Over dinner, we shared our hearts and began building a sense of community that would carry on throughout the weekend. Such a treat to be together as sisters, talking, laughing, crying, just enjoying each other’s presence - it was truly a relief to be together after prolonged isolation. 

Saturday was filled with activities that continued to remind each one of the reality of how we are seen and thoroughly loved by a good Father. We journaled, worshipped, prayed, shared, painted, and experienced the very real presence of Holy Spirit together all day. The culminating event was gathering around a mirror and ministering to each other as the Lord spoke words of love, healing, and encouragement to each one. To listen for each other, and then deliver His words that bring life - this caused the bonding of our community to grow ever so strong. Each woman got to look in the mirror and declare the truth over herself, while fully supported by her sisters. Beautiful!

This retreat was a fantastic kick-off to our Women’s Ministry at Fusion. Going forward, we will continue to journey together, holding each other close, hearing for each other, and lifting our sisters in prayer as we build a community that is seeking after the heart of the Father and revival in our town. 

“Best women’s retreat ever - hands down! And I have been to a lot of them!”  -Mary Walker

“He did it again! We set that table, and HE showed up and did ‘the thing’! He always does!” -Tisa Juanicorena

“I enjoyed observing the process of people looking within to learn self-acceptance as well as developing a community.” - Adriana Appelhans

“This was really special, and touched me deeply.” - Krista Earickson A great big THANK YOU to all who attended, participated, served, donated, and prayed for this event. You have graced us with our generosity. May you be blessed beyond measure!


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