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Are You Ready?

So, no, I am not talking about football, or about to begin a children's cartoon. I am asking about this weekend, are you ready?

This morning I spent an hour and a half listening to testimony after testimony of deliverances and healings in Thailand through our dear friends, Matt and Amy Baldwin. This conversation elevated my thinking and belief. (By the way, everyone of our main team members is committed to world mission, which isn't a requirement to work here, but it sure does help!)

Listening to Matt and Amy's testimony help whet my appetite for this weekend.

Let me introduce to you, Tom and Jen Atwater.

I met them a little over a year ago at the insistence of our friend, Nancy Martin. The minute I met them, I was engulfed by their love and passion for Jesus. Their children oozed it and they did too. We spoke of ministry in their adopted home of Columbia, and their work among the poor and oppressed. I was drawn in by their practical real world theological praxis and their love for the Holy Spirit. Immediately, I knew that this small meeting was the beginning of a family relationship.

You see, we don't just want events, we want the shaping of family that influences us to the Father's heart. The Atwaters carry this heart. I asked Nancy to set up a time for them to come to Fusion and impart what they carry to us.

In the meantime, five people went on a mission trip to Columbia and experienced first hand what I had heard about. You remember when the team returned to Fusion in the beginning of summer? They were pm undone by what God had done among them and were the beginning of the slow burn of revival we are experiencing now.

So, I encourager you, whatever you have planed, make room for God this weekend. Something very special is coming to us. Pray into it. Fast into it. Prepare your heart.

Are you ready?


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