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But first...what to expect while we are expecting...

First, a little of what to expect for the next few weeks...this is exciting!

We have had some amazing times in the Spirit here at Fusion, from the Fire-tunnel two weeks ago where people had to go and sit in what the Holy Spirit was doing in them, to people being healed before the service, and this last week, the word which Pietze Duffield delivered. All of it is a mosaic of God’s artistry.

Matt and Amy Baldwin with Doug Burroughs and leaders of the Thai church and prayer movement

Here is a little bit of what to expect next: this weekend we have the joy of welcoming back Matthew and Amy Baldwin, our missionaries to Thailand! We will be ministering to them as well, so prepare your hearts to give ministry as well as receive!

Then, October 12 & 13 we have Fred and Pat Bruner, an amazing father and mother in the house coming to minister to us in our annual Family weekend. Each year, Janice and I look forward to this weekend as much as any in our times together.

Seth and Saundra Dunn

Finally, Seth Dunn will be ministering in the word. As always, we will seek the Lord first and foremost above everything! Be prepared for anything to happen and in fact when you invite people, tell them this: "We believe God is real and interacts with us, so when you come today, and there maybe some things that seem extraordinary, - they are! God moves among us and heals, touches and frees us in some surprising ways. But, hey, He's God, so expect something wonderful and good." Your friends will be prepared for an encounter with Jesus!

Can you feel what the Holy Spirit is doing in our midst?

Based on last week’s word (which you can review on Fusion’s facebook page), there was a phrase that I believe was a key call to us as a congregation: during the week, let’s pray into the weekend and be prepared when we come to not only receive, but give. What that looks like is this next weekend, when driving here, prepare your heart to seek out people who need encouragement, a blessing, a word from God, healing and more. I would love it if miracles broke out before the service started! Then, ask the Lord how He wants to use you during the service. Paul was correct when he said in 1 Corinthians that we can all prophesy one by one. If you have a word for someone, submit it to them before and after service, during the greeting time, or even invite people out to lunch and give it then. As well, if you have a word for the entire Fusion Family, be sure and let the one who administrating the words in service know, so they can see what God wants to do with it. All of God's people can prophesy! It truly is more blessed to give than to receive!

Ministry in Cambodia

Testimonies - releasing the power of Jesus!

Also, keep giving testimonies. Let the pastoral team know what God has been doing. Write them on the back of the Connection Card, tell someone, send an email to or post to our Facebook page. Just let us know! We want to steward those testimonies effectively and powerfully to see it happen again (Revelation 19:10)! Each testimony is a promise of what God wants to do right now, so whether they are financial, physical, relational, spiritual, or emotional, let's release the testimony of Jesus as the spirit of prophecy!

Thrive for Young Adults - Thursday, October 3rd

This week three new ministries are being launched which we want you to help us get the word out: Thrive, a young adult meeting with Nick Cooper and Bethany Harrold, will meet Thursday nights for the next nine weeks. It will be an amazing time of worship, teaching, and practical learning to do Jesus’ stuff, coupled with amazing connection and community. There will also be invitations to join Nick on the streets to do the stuff! If you know of a young adult, please, get them this information.

Battleline: adding more prayer muscle to the engine of the church

Every church family needs to have an engine like a big muscle car! We now have two opportunities to get involved in intercession: First, with George and Melissa Colgate before service on Sundays, and now Battleline, a weekly prayer meeting happening on Friday nights in the Gallery, hosted by Seth Hendrickson, Taylor and Stephanie Hendrickson and Shelby Habig. Be sure and recheck the email for starting times.

Fusion School of Supernatural Ministry is now in prototype phase!

This has been a long held dream of mine! Saturday, from 2-4pm in the Gallery, we have the inaugural prototype of the soon coming Fusion School of Supernatural Ministry. Seth Hendrickson, along with Taylor and Stephanie Hendrickson, will be offering a Masterclass on Prophecy. We will be be experimenting with this through the holiday season and then in January launch the new school in its first phase.

Finally, You are needed more than you know!

We have a shared dream of creating a kingdom family that changes the atmosphere in every business, classroom, sports arena, the arts and every church in the region. At the same time, we have needs here in our own church: would you consider trying out different areas to volunteer in? Fusion Kids, Nursery, Family Hosts, Cleaning Team, Maintenance and more are needed. Together, we can do this and see God provide for both our home and mission! May Papa bless you and draw you closer to Him! Let’s get ready to have an amazing time in the Spirit this weekend!

As always, Janice and I love you and how God is using you in this region. You are making an impact so don't despise the day of small beginnings because from small plants do mighty oaks grow! Keep seeking the more!



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