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Get Your Life Back - A Book Review

(The following article is a review written by John Tucker on the book "Get Your Life Back" by John Eldredge; 5 "graces" of recovery from a world gone mad; 2020/Nelson Books, Nashville TN.) I was yearning to find a secondary source of relief from my encounter with Covid 19 (not the illness)/Pandemic, but a returning to a semblance of balance and sanity from this assault. As my search progressed, as is the case; I had a "God-cidence" that led me to the discovery of John's book. The first five chapters consist of the "graces" of practice that will guide you out of the maze of madness, confusion, and vertigo that has affected all those on our planet. The next five chapters are part-n-parcel of the beginning of the process of recovery and how it may unfold for a believer dealing with spirit, soul, body, heart, mind, and will. The next three chapters address the gifts that Abba God has provided to help facilitate the motion, direction, and outcome towards Spiritual health and interaction with the Trinity for maximum effectual impact and enduring results. The final chapter is grounded in simple "daily things", that will solidify the premise of this book and carry you on and thru to the future life in God and eternal life in this now, that we are in. I have read it through 3 times, and highly recommend it to all! The last portion of this review is the impact of the " Daily Prayer" that has had a lasting impression and preservation on me as I navigate the coming years ahead. The prayer is comprised of Scripture after Scripture that enhances the activities of all the content presented and enlightens, enlivens, and sets free the heart toward wholeness and gaining back what the enemy perpetrated. I have been praying the prayer every day since the first of this year, and am committed to doing so until directed otherwise by Holy Spirit... I have thrown out an "Anchor of Hope" into the depths of His steadfast Love, Faithfulness, Mercies & Grace!! He is Forever Faithful. I have read several of John's books and am looking forward to his latest offering "Resilent"; which was released June 7th this year. The journey continues... And another review is waiting in the wings, after my consumption! In Him; John D. Tucker


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