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How's Your Garden?

Isn’t it amazing how what we believe tends to affect every area of our lives?

I often think of the analogy of a garden. It may be cliche, but stick with me. When you pay attention to a garden, growing various plants and flowers in it, it’s an incredible environment; there are few places more peaceful than these well-tended plots of land. But when you neglect a space like this, weeds will quickly crop up out of nowhere. If you continue to neglect it, soon you won’t be able to see the forest for the trees. All the intricate and stunning blooms will be choked out, shadowed by the brambles.

When we ignore the gardens of our hearts and minds, we allow weeds (lies) to come in and choke out our individual gifting, calling and identity. We find ourselves unable to give at the capacity we would like, experience deep love in our relationships, or find joy in our daily lives.

Have you ever tried to clean up a garden that has gone untended for a long time? As you can imagine, it takes work. It means getting our hands dirty and it will require dedication, perseverance and tenacity. However, the best part about all this is that we are not the sole caretakers of our own garden. Our Father is the one who does the heavy lifting. He tends to the soil, plants the seeds, waters the ground and pulls the weeds. Like children following our parents around the yard and learning how to help care for the area, we partner with Him and learn how to work alongside as He cares for our hearts.

Sometimes we choose to neglect certain areas of our inner world on purpose, even though there are clear signs of distress and pain. The thorns of pain and disappointment begin to grow but we decide it’s too much to handle, and so we look the other way. Sooner or later, those tiny weeds that began weak and frail turn into deeply rooted opponents, and they won’t be retreating without a fight.

Here’s a great reminder from some favorite worship lyrics: “Open up, let the light in.”

Imagine your neglected heart: buried in painful thorns and harmful beliefs, hidden from the light of the sun. Now imagine that you decide to open the gate; you decide to let love Himself in, to walk among the dead leaves, to see the barren land around you in all it’s honesty and pain. As you let the light in, your heart begins to transform again in the warmth of His love. This is the gift of life offered freely to our dry bones.

So, maybe you’re sitting there thinking, "That’s all well and good, but I don’t even know where to start." The fact that you’re looking for ways to start is the first step and I applaud you for coming this far! There is an abundance of life waiting on the other side of the door, and you’re about to walk through it.


Make your relationship with God your highest priority; the more time you spend in worship and His love letters to you (scripture), the clearer you will see Him and hear Him. He will do amazing work in your heart as you seek Him above everything else.


God didn’t make us to do it by ourselves. We are meant to grab the hand of the person next to us and walk towards freedom together. Find accountability and support in the people around you, let them see you and love you through this honest process.


If you have some deep-rooted weeds that need a guided hand, visit our Transformation Department at Fusion for an appointment with our staff who will partner with the Holy Spirit to break down those barriers between you and the freedom you're looking for.


Join us for upcoming Enneagram classes; more than just a personality typing system, this is a Gospel-centered look at why we are the way we are, unearthing lies that have been foundational to our lives and talk about tools for transformation that will bring you breakthrough in your journey of wholeness.

(If you want more information on any of these next steps, or if you have questions about connecting with the Fusion community, email Your identity is so much more than your fear wants you to believe. Invite the Holy Spirit to direct you as you take an honest inventory of what you’re believing and take steps toward His truth. His love is deep and wide, let’s jump in!


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