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Infused with Power

“I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.” Phil. 4:13 (TPT)

Explosive Power? What exactly is that?! Definitely something I want to have in all the situations I am facing, don’t you?  

Sometimes I feel we have used this verse for so many situations in our lives that maybe it is losing significance. Sometimes it feels a little “platitud-y”. So, let’s ask Father to show us what He truly means when He says we really can do all things.

Is there something in your life you are facing right now that feels like you just can’t get to the outcome? Something that feels way too hard, and therefore it is easy to just put it back on the shelf and not even try? 

Maybe you are like me, a little prone to procrastination? Friend, I want to encourage you today with these words - His EXPLOSIVE power infuses you to conquer.

I love the word “infuses”. It is so clear to me when I make iced tea. I grew up on Sweet Tea, and it holds a prominent place in my intake of liquids! When I boil the water, pour it over the tea bags to steep, I often think about this concept. As I pour the steeped tea concentrate together with cold water into a pitcher, this “infusing” happens. No longer can I separate the tea from the water. They are infused - never to be apart. I know this is a silly analogy, but can you picture this concept with the explosive power spoken of above? If you are truly infused with His explosive power, never to be separated, what wouldn't be possible?!  I think many times we feel defeated by our thoughts, our emotions, our limiting beliefs. Being infused with explosive power to conquer every difficulty truly makes you significant. Grasp ahold of this truth today. Visualize the difficulty you are facing right now, and then imagine what would happen to it when you applied explosive power to conquer it. This is exercising your creative power to see things as they really are, but first, we must visualize and agree with the truth. The Bible says “With God, all things are possible.” Today’s verse is saying these things that are truly possible, happen with His power - infused right into your very being!

You really are unstoppable, you know that right?! This makes you Significant!!!


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