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It's Easier Than You Think...

Last night, I woke up after a particularly troublesome night - errant thoughts, a bit of worry, some free floating anxiety, a real nasty cocktail of emotions, and I asked Papa, "what are we going to do about this?"

Now, in my head, the problems were complex, each deserving hurculean tasks and aristoltle like thoughts to overcome. In short, it seemed like a really big deal.

Then, Papa gave me a one word reply, as only He could, and everything changed.

"Worship", was all He said.

And so I did, I laid back into His direction and began to let His song rise up in my heart, whispered so as not to disturb anyone. I let the songs of the Lord rise and bubble up. I tuned my ears to what He was saying, and as suddenly as it began, it stopped. I know, because the next thing I was aware of was awaking at the proper time with my head and heart clear and knowing what I was wrestling with. (Most of it came to me through dreams, God's special language of the night seasons).

I enganged in His atmosphere, and He changed mine. It is that simple. It is easier than you think.

We had a wonderful teaching by Pietze Duffield this weekend that is available on our Facebook page (fusiongreeley). In it, she spoke of us sitting in our pain to see the pathway to promise! I urge us as a people to sit long enought to really acknowledge our pain, see what it has triggered and cooperate with heaven to see the release of His answer in the midst of it. Let's enjoy the thrill of the journey with God and not just push to the end. He is in the journey and the journey's end.

Remember, it is easier than you think. Just talk with Papa.

If you would like more information on Pietze Duffield and her courses, go to


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