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Mission, Vision, and a Conference?

So we are coming up on Vanguard 2022, and I thought I just input a little bit before we get into this weekend.

My first question is this: why even have a conference?

The answer is simple, we want to seek the Lord and be equipped to fulfill our mission and vision. These conferences are opportunities for you to recalibrate, refocus, and recommit to what God wants to do. I take my car into the shop after travel and do the same for my heart, and wouldn't you agree, we all could use an encounter with God through the Holy Spirit?

What's our vision and mission? I am so glad you asked!

Our Mission - on earth as it is in heaven!

To gather lovers of God to His manifest presence

The worship and engagement in intimacy of God is our present and eternal passion and priority. There is nothing greater than to worship Him in heartfelt intimacy. We seek new ways of expression and seeking, singing, and demonstration of our worship. We love risking and being laid down at His feet to choose the better part. (Luke 10:38-42)

To gather as a community of families, ministering to one another

We are called family, the ones called out of the world to attend to the King's business (Matthew 16:16-19). Part of this mission is to care for family in our gatherings and beyond.

To raise up and release reformational revivalists who proclaim the kingdom of God in word and deed

The making of disciples, (Matthew 28:18-20), is basically the unveiling of a reformational revivalists. Reformational, in that they change and shape every arena they enter into, affecting the very governmental order of systems by bringing the message and demonstration of the kingdom of God. (Colossians 1). Revivalists, in that every person is a carrier of the original flame of the Holy Spirit and His mission to reveal Jesus and see the Spirit poured out on all flesh, coming into a vital relationship with the Father through Jesus. (Acts 2) This was Jesus’ first word and His last (Mark 1:15 and Acts 1:3,4). The kingdom is why the Church exists. It is the domain of the Godhead and our starting and ending place. The kingdom is all that God has come to do through Jesus (Isaiah 61 and Luke 4) and our message as well.

What is our vision?

We are creating a culture in which the newly redeemed and reformational revivalists gather together to worship, are equipped (training and mending) to do kingdom works, celebrate one another in real life and are released to a life of kingdom connectedness and purpose, dreaming with God. Our goal is to see people come to Christ and His kingdom, and thereby crime rates to drop, business and commerce flourish, families to become solid, stable and vibrant, justice and life flowing from government, life and goodness coming from the arts, media and education, and where science and technology reflect the discovery, wonder and transmittal of the secrets of the kingdom hidden for us. We exist to see churches planted, peoples and countries reached and more worshippers added to the song of Jesus!

How does this long term plan work out this year?

  • We will pursue His presence and both a gathered and scattered community. This is first and foremost our highest calling, value and priority. In 2022, we will release the kingdom as a church and as individuals, doing kingdom deeds and releasing kingdom words, fully re-presenting Christ in our daily lives.

  • We will celebrate through the rehearsing of testimonies, new and old, His wonderful works! We will honor the tetimony of Jesus!

  • We will minister to each other in our daily interactions, and in our gatherings, formal and informal, encouraging one another, praying for one another and bearing one another's burdens. We will bridge deeper into His heart for one another and celebrate kingdom breakthroughs, as well as support in moments of breaking.

What are some goals for this year?

  1. I would love to see every member equipped to do basic ministry with success this year - heal the sick, cast out demons, release captives, etc.

  2. I am asking for appropriate age based ministries to be released and strengthened.

  3. To use our scheduled conferences and special events to accelerate our ministry in the streets!

  4. To train and equip our people on how to follow up on friends who are not a part of any community and/or are recently saved to be able to bridge them into the Fusion family.

  5. To be able to pastor with more connection and effectiveness our growing family in places around the world.

What can you do to be a part of this?

What part do you play in our mission and vision? A huge one! Without vision, a people perish and without people, a vision perishes. I am encouraging everyone to press into what God wants to do amongst us. In a few weeks, I will be sharing some of the prophetic words over this house and how we can begin to partner with them (as well as learn to partner with words over your life!)

Janice and I are grateful and love each of you! Let's see this world changed in Jesus' name!


Must watch for the upcoming conference!


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