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More, Lord!

Our Mission as Fusion is "On earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:9-13)

To gather lovers of God to His manifest presence

The worship and engagement in intimacy of God is our present and eternal passion and priority. There is nothing greater than to worship Him in heartfelt intimacy. We seek new ways of expression and seeking, singing, and demonstration of our worship. We love risking and being laid down at His feet to choose the better part. (Luke 10:38-42)

To gather as a community of families, ministering to one another

We are called family, the ones called out of the world to attend to the King's business (Matthew 16:16-19). Part of this mission is to care for family in our gatherings and beyond.

To raise up and release reformational revivalists who proclaim the kingdom of God in word and deed

The making of disciples, (Matthew 28:18-20), is basically the unveiling of a reformational revivalists. Reformational, in that they change and shape every arena they enter into, affecting the very governmental order of systems by bringing the message and demonstration of the kingdom of God. (Colossians 1). Revivalists, in that every person is a carrier of the original flame of the Holy Spirit and His mission to reveal Jesus and see the Spirit poured out on all flesh, coming into a vital relationship with the Father through Jesus. (Acts 2) This was Jesus’ first word and His last (Mark 1:15 and Acts 1:3,4). The kingdom is why the Church exists. It is the domain of the Godhead and our starting and ending place. The kingdom is all that God has come to do through Jesus (Isaiah 61 and Luke 4) and our message as well.


We have been revisiting key teachings in our life together as a community of families and have for the last two weeks spoken about how we are a people of His presence. Without His being amongst us in kingdom power, our gatherings are more akin to teaching society than radical, transformative life.

Last week I spoke with about how there were times that "the power of the Lord was present for Him (Jesus) to heal." (Luke 5:17) and how there are times that we experience a manifest time of power in seeking His face. The truth is He is always present, just like He was with Jesus, and, that there are times when His presence changes the atmosphere around us.

Some would argue that all we ever need to do is experience the Holy Spirit one time. That calling for the "more", more of His presence, power and workings in or midst and in our daily lives, would be remiss. I understand the truth of having all things given to us in Christ. It is truth. But there are times, from the Scriptures, that they have called for more and indeed teach an understanding of the Holy Spirit that calls for continued filling.

Let me demonstrate a few:

Acts 2 - the disciples were all filled in the Upper Room experience which led to street ministry and 3000 being saved.

Acts 4:8 - Peter, who had been previously filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, was in that moment, before the Sanhedrin, filled again with the Spirit.

Acts 4:23-31 - the same group that was filled in Acts 2, asked again to be filled with boldness and asked for signs and wonders and healing through the name of Jesus. The result, the Holy Spirit filled each of them, this time the house was shaken like an earthquake.

In the famous passage about the Holy Spirit, Ephesians 5:17, 18, the imperative present tense is used when talking about the Holy Spirit, literally meaning, "be continually, every moment filled with the Spirit..." When Spurgeon, the great British preacher was asked why he taught this about the Holy Spirit, he simply replied, "Because I leak!"

All I am saying in the midst of this is that we as a people have not only the invitation from God and the apostles, but the mandate to seek more of God. We do not do this as desperate orphans, but as sons and daughters, pursuing all that God has for us!

Keep the vision! Put it on your hearts and let's pursue the Holy Spirit for even more!


Don't forget to register for Vanguard 2022! We have guests coming from out of state to be with us and it is sure to be an amazing time! Oh, did I mention it is free?

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