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Taking the Kingdom to the Streets

Taking the Kingdom to the Streets

A Ministry Highlight

We know you've heard about the Fusion prayer walks that have been going every other Monday this Summer. But have you heard the stories that have been coming from these God adventures? Kingdom work has been happening through these willing hands and hearts!

Fusion's prayer walk ministry is led by someone we all know who embodies the value of following God's promptings each and every day. Lori Watson takes each interaction with the people around her as an opportunity to minister to their hearts and speak the love of God into their lives. If you want to be inspired, ask her for some recent testimonies about repair men coming to her apartment and leaving in tears after being touched by the Holy Spirit, or about the time she ran into her neighbor and prayed for her knee, leaving her completely healed and filled with the love of Jesus!

Here are some testimonies of transformation from Lori and the team that have happened on recent Fusion ministry outings:

"On one of our recent walks, God highlighted a man to me, so the team and I went up to him. I told him that we are walking around praying for people and could we pray for him? He said 'Yes, I need prayer and I want salvation.' I said, 'That's wonderful, we can help you with all of that!' We prayed for him and then I lead him through the plan of salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. One of our people had a word about his mom and so we prayed for her as well. He hugged me and our team so tight. He was so thankful.

Another story: I've made a friend with a homeless man I see on the street. I've run into him the last two times we've gone out on Friday nights and always during my homeless visits earlier in the week. I told him that I was looking for him. He reached his arms up from his wheel chair and said, "You were looking for me?" He started to cry. The team and I ministered to him and he got hugs from all of us. It was beautiful watching him receive love.

A few weeks ago, we met a young girl who needed prayer. As I was praying, the Lord touched her. She could feel his presence and she started to cry. Then, one of our prayer team members gave her a word of encouragement from God. She thanked us and hugged me. We ran into her again this last time out, she remembered us and asked us to keep praying for her.

On our weekly walks, the things God is doing can vary. Sometimes we run into lots of people. One day, four people rededicated their lives to Jesus. Jesus just kept bringing them to us. Other days, we pray over the city, the businesses, and the land. When someone crosses our path, we pray for them. Holy Spirit directs us in where to walk each week. We split up and go where HE says to go, and He always is moving."

If you are looking for an activation and space to practice moving in evangelism and ministry, these prayer walks are a great opportunity! If you can't make it, you can still contribute with prayer! Here are some prayer points and focuses:

"Pray that the Lord gives us words of knowledge and encouragement for people before we even walk up to them. We believe that He will continue to put people in our path that are open to receive prayer and salvation. Pray that we hear from Holy Spirit clearly. Above all, pray that we will continue to put love first and foremost and that God will grow the love in our hearts for the lost; that more people will answer the call to pray for our city and see transformation happen. We add the first responders, police, firemen, sheriffs, and paramedics, in our city and nation wide, to our intercession. Thank you for backing us up with your powerful prayers!"

(For more information on prayer walks on how you can get involved, email Lori at


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