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Vanguard 2020 is almost here!!

Vanguard 2020 is upon us!

As you may have heard by now, Vanguard is this weekend. More on that in a minute, but first, how do you prepare for a gathering like this?

First, set your heart apart. The old word for this was to sanctify yourself. Sanctification is simply a really specialized word for “set apart”. Let me illustrate, if I asked you for your phone and you were to give it to me (an iPhone 10 would be nice!), I could then use it for whatever I wanted. I could use it to make calls, look things up, or even use it as a hammer! Now, before you freak out, remember, you gave it to me. Now, I get to use it however I want. Why, because you set it apart for my use. 

The same is true for our hearts. As we approach Vanguard, talk to the Lord and let Him know that your heart is His to touch in whatever way He wants. That is holiness and sanctification. 

Second, prepare your mind and body. Sounds like we are approaching an important football game or battle, right? But it is really practical. There will be times during the weekend when you are tempted to “sit this one out”, due to fatigue, either mentally or physically. But before you know it, we will be through this time and in the long run you won’t miss the rest, but you may miss a moment. Being fully present is key in pulling on an anointing in a minister. We have wonderful people speaking and leading worship this weekend: David and Narelle Crabtree, Tom Albrecht, Stephanie and Taylor Hendrickson, Tim Copley, Terry Hendrickson and oh yes, me! We have been preparing and are ready to encounter God this weekend, regardless of what comes up. To honor what God is doing in our brothers and sisters is to prepare to receive or to pull on them in their anointing. When we are active in this, powerful things will happen!

Finally, let your spirit soar! Go after worship, ministry (receiving and giving) and encountering Jesus in the word like never before. Let it ratchet up a bit! Let go of your heart and head to quote one of our favorite songs! When you pursue and simultaneously relax into His heart wonderful things happen! Some of the most wonderful things I have ever experienced and witnessed happening were at conferences just like this. There are new breakthroughs that the Lord has reserved for you! Come and drink deeply and partake of a bounty that He has set up!

So, who are our guests? Glad you asked…

David and Narelle Crabtree are the founding Senior Leaders of DaySpring Church based in Castle Hill (Sydney), NSW, Australia where they served for more than 27 years. They have now founded UnfailingGrace Ministries which is based in Denver Colorado. They are enthusiastically endorsed by Graham Cooke, “I am delighted to be a contributor with my great friend, David Crabtree, on I look forward to seeing an online community of people developing in the love, mercy, and goodness of God.” 

They are also endorsed by Pastor David and Linda Crone, David Wagner, Peter McHugh and Bethel’s leadership, Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson through the Bethel Leaders Network as influencers, Global Missions Awareness with Leif & Jennifer Hetland and the Apostolic Global Network of Randy Clark. David is currently working on his first book on the beautiful subject of grace!

Pastor Tom Albrecht, Sr. is the founding Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Rockies, Tom and His wife, Wendy traveled throughout the Midwest and Southern California in evangelistic work from 1969 to 1974. In 1974 they began pastoring churches in the Midwest district of Foursquare churches. They served in Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Missouri.

In 2002 they relocated to Loveland, Colorado and planted Christ's Church of the Rockies and in 2008 launched the Front Porch Ministry to the homeless in downtown Loveland. Tom and Wendy are passionate about revival and evangelism, and find great joy in partnership with many Loveland churches and organizations committed to blessing their city with practical service. Tom is a leader in and endorsed by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, as well as the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening with Dr. Randy Clark. 

Janice and I look forward to seeing you there! If you haven’t yet, go to Eventbrite and register. The conference is free, but we’d love to know you’re coming! 

Great blessings and let’s get ready!

Pastor Doug Burroughs


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