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Your Place in Community

“I am a member of Christ’s body.” 1 Corinthians 12:27

“You are the body of the Anointed One, and each of you is a unique and vital part of it.” (TPT)

As I sit down to write today’s thoughts, I am just coming back from an impromptu meeting with friends from out of town. They called and said they were passing through our town, did we have time to hang out a bit? My family and I grabbed some sandwiches for lunch and met them at a park for a spontaneous visit. 

As we enjoyed each other’s company, we chatted about all that was going on in our respective lives, and I realized that we really lead totally different ones! Their every day and my every day have basically nothing in common. And yet, we could truly fellowship together because “love goes there.” The basis of friendship was enough to connect, and share our journeys with each other, showing me the reality of this verse: we really are all unique and a vital part of the body of Christ. 

Many times we connect in our communities over commonalities, and this is a powerful thing. But today’s experience tells me there is also power in the simple meeting together regardless if we have things in common - Jesus and sharing our hearts is all that is needed for true connection. And, the moments spent today weren’t hyper-spiritual - they were just precious moments of being people and celebrating each other, with laughter, curiosity, and of course, food! 

You are fully accepted, and as a member of Christ’s body, every moment of every day, every encounter with another soul, matters! You are the only you in the body, you are uniquely special, and the world is asking for you to show up in your greatness - even in the ordinary moments! 


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